Throwback to about 18 years old (I think) I have SO many photos of me sitting down - at parties, the pub, family events, friends BBQ’s - and I remember especially at formal events spending most of the night scoping out a chair even though I probably wore flats anyway. I got a retail job around this age, at the end of high school, and had to stand for 5 hour shifts, and I remember going for toilet breaks a lot just to give my sore feet & legs an extra break. I am so thankful I can go for a hike and actually enjoy it now, that I can go shopping with my sister for hours and be content to walk, stand & enjoy her company without my lower back, knees or legs crying out in pain. That meme that talks about choosing your hard? I’ll take the hard involved with good health over the not so easy sedentary life any day. I dropped 70kg in 12 months, then gained 15 pretty quickly,
Then lost 10 & now who knows, I’ve stepped away/ avoided the scales a little of recent times - but I am so thankful for the struggle, and constantly encouraged by the support, accountability and advice of my #fitfam here on IG. Thank you for caring about some chick who you’ve never met. My friends often ask me why I have so many people following my account… It’s not a fitspo, it’s just my life… And I Tell them I’m Not sure, but it’s been a pretty huge support for me all the way through - some days when it would be easier to quit, you guys remind me to toughen up & get on with it. You inspire me by living out your own journeys & sharing that with me - so thank you 😊🙌❤️ #thankful #nevergoingback #idratherbehiking