This is my fancy triathlete friend @corinnedol - she’s spent a fair bit of time with me one on one coaching me in mountain biking, trail running & swimming. I would tell you a bunch of stuff about what an amazing athlete she is, but seriously, just look at her 😜… If you’re a Queenslander & keen on spending some time on your technique, learning how to run better, more efficiently, faster, and with less chance of injury then come along to this session. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner like me or preparing to run your first marathon - it’ll be time well spent. #thischickisarockstar

#throwbackthursday just because I know you guys love a good before and after. These photos represent a 12 months (feb 2012- feb 2013) of training 6 days a week, carefully planning and preparing my food, learning to listen to my body & just being accountable. I’ve shared images like these over the last week to promote the 12wbt competition & show what is possible when you want to change more than you want to remain the same - but these aren’t my current reality. I try my best to be open and honest with you guys, so for anybody who wasn’t aware , I’ve gained 30kg in the last 12 months, stopped planning my meals, caring about my training, and let old habits creep back. I’m learning that sometimes a lifetime of habits can take a little while to unlearn. I’m also posting this to remind to myself what I’m capable of. To remind myself that I have one body, and one life. That the only failure that exists

And in today’s installation of “check out the cute kangaroos that rule my campus” we have these two cute heads. You’re welcome 😊☀️ (at University of the Sunshine Coast)

Ok, this was such an impossible decision to make! I did rally a little help, because there were so many incredible entires with deeply considered & powerful reasons for change. To those of you just starting out who have no idea where to start, please consider doing a round of the program, and if you’re financially stuck for options you can always KIK me & I will happily share the small amount of health knowledge I’ve gained along the way. Congratulations @beks_weighout & @jadabee13 ❤️ I hope you ladies get a lot out of this opportunity & thank you to @12wbt for giving everybody the opportunity to chase challenge, change & transformation xx

Do you need to make a change in your life? There’s still time to enter the #10reasonswhy competition to win a free round of @12wbt - which is the program I followed to get started. Check out my previous post for details - 2 winners announced later today xx

#transformationtuesday Followjng on from my last post about your opportunity to win one of two @12wbt memberships for the June round - this was my last round before doing my own thing. It’s amazing what a difference 10kg can make to not only your waist line but also your posture, skin, hair and energy. There’s still time to enter if you’re ready to make changes in your life. See my last post for details - winners announced tomorrow 👍😊 #10reasonswhy #12wbt

Ok guys, competition time! In order to enter you need to follow @12wbt (head to to find out more about the program if you haven’t heard of it), repost this image & give me your list of ten reasons why you’re chasing change in your life. Tag me in the photo, not in the post, so I don’t miss it. I will announce 2 winners this time Wednesday #10reasonswhy #12wbt

A lot can happen in a year. A lot can happen in 12 weeks. In 2012 I made a decision to change my life, I wrote a blog called 100 reasons why, and got there one small decision at a time. 12 months later I was 70kg/155lbs lighter, had quit my office job, reassessed my life, and most importantly had learned how to love my body and my life. @12wbt was the program I used to get there. It helped me break up a really big goal into smaller, more achievable ones, attacked in 12 week blocks. It let me celebrate all the small wins, gave me a nutrition & exercise plan, mindset lessons & (the best part) a community. I’m telling you all this because tomorrow I’ll be giving you the opportunity to WIN A FREE ROUND. I’ll be asking you to write your very own list of reasons why you’re chasing change in your life. If you feel lost, stuck, need a change, or just love free stuff (who doesn’t) then I encourage you to enter. More details tomorrow. Happy Sunday, friends ❤️😊

some of the beautiful people in my fitness family. How can you NOT live inspired when you surround yourself with people like this?

How I currently feel about this assignment #worldsworststudent

And with that I’ll be taking some time out from social media for the next few weeks. I have the self control of a toddler during a grocery shop & the work load of a student at the end of semester who takes the gold in procrastination. Have a brilliant week, friends

#100happydays I know it’s easier said than done, but when we start living our lives from a place of believing in the good of others instead of being easily offended, we win. Our understanding grows along with our compassion, tolerance, and ability to speak words of encouragement to others in the moments where they’re most necessary. Make a choice to be that kind of person and you might just find yourself surrounded by them. #youhaveonelife #liveaccordingly

No idea what this guy’s on about 😜 Haha! Sorry friends and family #youlovemeanyway #keepingitreal

So maybe I watch too many kids movies… 😄

Kid: why are you so fat?
Gru: because… My house is made of candy, and sometimes I eat instead of facing my problems

#preachitsister #mylife #despicableme2 #100happydays

Now there’s a question worth answering.