Best coffee in Adelaide at @pleasesayplease with some of the best conversation in Adelaide = day 13 of #100happydays #coffeeisnotmyproblemitsmysolution (at Please Say Please)

I’m with you on this one Mr Potato Head. #storyofmylife #whycantijusttrainandeatchocolate

Day 11 of #100happydays family lunch with my dad & family, a visit with my mum & finished the day with some of my dear rest friends playing with their gorgeous baby. What a beautiful Easter Monday that was. #ilovemyfamily #gratitudechangeseverything

I’m a repeat offender for having my eyes glued to my iPhone screen when in the company of real humans. Life - you’re doing it wrong #100happydays #gratitudechangeseverything #happyeasterfriends

Day 9 #100happydays started with a sunrise Bootcamp by the beach… Ok, it was more of a selfie session than a training session (see @cocogirlbutter ‘s IG for evidence) but it was hilarious… A morning spent with people who make me laugh, followed by a flight home to Adelaide greeted by my fabulous father-man & finishing with some hang time with the brother boy and my rock star Mum - so many beautiful people packed into one day! I love you, Saturday. So nice to be home for Easter ☀️❤️😊 #lovemyfamily #gratitudechangeseverything

Day 8 of #100happydays I spent this afternoon at beach with my friend Kate, and my young friend, Archie (who we stole from @cathysheargold ). We thoroughly enjoyed being tossed about in the surf whilst getting some much needed Sunshine. Now enjoying an amazing dinner with friends - I hope your Good Friday was as “good” as mine… #iamhilarious #gratitudechangeseverything

Day 7 #100happydays Circuit training, 10km cycled & a few quiet moments dangling my feet in an empty pool on a warm night. Now finishing the evening with a glass of red and some beautiful company #gratitudechangeseverything

Day 5 of #100happydays 1350m in the pool, a beautiful night swim followed by some unexpected positive feedback on a piece of Uni work. 🏊📝😊
What made you smile today? #gratitudechangeseverything

And with those words of wisdom I bring you day 4 of the #100happydays project. Today, a day of reading, rest and coffee. Sometimes fighting for your happy just means appreciating what you have.

Day 3 #100happydays - spending a rainy day winding through the mountains with @cathysheargold & Archie, running in the rain at the playground, drinking coffee in tiny country cafés & refueling the car at a one pump mum & pop convenience store. We stopped here to listen to some bell birds before winding our way back down the mountain towards home. Again… The Sunshine Coast is so damn beautiful ❤️#howtoenjoyaraineyday (at Melaney)

Day 2 #100happydays - I live in a place where it’s still shorts and Tshirt weather even when it’s raining, I have a waterfall, rainforest & national park walking distance from my house, the beach is cycling distance & nearly always inviting, the mountains are a quick drive down the road, I share my university campus with random kangaroos & wildlife, & the coffee can be found in abundance. I pretty much live in one of the prettiest places in the world & that’s something I like to take advantage of regularly - such as watching the sunrise at the beach this morning. It’s ok to be jealous #ilovethesunshinecoast #australiamate

Just a big of an update on the likes for kilometers challenge this week - for those of you who missed it I’m trying to get to 259km in 7 days… Only 122km left in the next two days, so as you can see I’m pretty much on track… #notreallyontrack #terribleideas #stupidcrazycardio #lookslikeillbedoingmoreburpees

Day 1 of the #100happydays challenge - spur of the moment tickets home to Adelaide for Easter. So very keen to hug my family! 😊❤️ (want to play too? see for into)

So ends day one of #stupidcrazycardio week. The last 2km for the day in the pool for a total of 33 today. A little short of the daily goal of 44 for this week but it felt like 100, so still counts right? #259waystospellbadidea #mybodyhurts #notenoughcoffeeonearthforthis

Amen to that 🙌 here’s to a week of brilliant challenges ahead 👍 This week I’ll be attempting to run, walk, swim, cycle cross-train & laugh my way through 259km along with @cathysheargold @ashm_fit @myfitnessadventure2014 & @hayleyw80 - it’s about 44km a day with a rest day. Open invite to anybody else who wants to play! 😊 #challengeyourlimits